This is what we do


Infrastructure products to serve all markets, including commercial wireless telecommunications, public safety, broadcast, Internet, and two-way radio.

The services we offer are:

  • Analysis and structural review.
  • Design and detailed modifications.
  • Facility of tower upgrade materials, supports, fittings, antennas and lifelines.

radio links

Microwave link installation is performed by our qualified and certified technicians and includes:

  • stakeout and viability of the locations of the locations on rooftops, towers or monopoles, delivering the reports and documentation of measurement tests.
  • Facility complete with parabola on mast together with the corresponding equipment.
Optical fibre wires

Installation and maintenance of transmission and radio equipment

We are an active service company that provides installation, commissioning and maintenance of radio and transmission equipment with guaranteed quality.


Our experience in wiring and assembly of electric systems, their design specifications and mastery of a wide range of products in the industry combine to give you the best overall value.

Multidisciplinary company that has successfully supported the various needs of the energy industry.

Among the range of solutions that our team has delivered during that time, is the development of communication, power and control systems according to the precise specifications of our clients.

Light bulbs


We undertake and act in the remarkable fight against climate change by harnessing the power of the sun.

We carry out projects of Photovoltaic Solar Energy right from the start.

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